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Vikalp Yatra

When most formal education systems prepare you for an increasingly dysfunctional world, it becomes increasingly important to also learn experientially, or by doing.

Vikalp Yatras are hence the natural-born child of our belief in learning-by-doing and our faith in the power of diversity.


When we know no one has all the answers, it becomes critical for all us to learn from each other and piece our answers together, and travel plays a compelling/paramount role in allowing us to learn not just from a pointed and structured conversation with each other but truly experience each other - what drives us, what brings us down, what inspires us, how we see the future… These are conversations that deserve a bonfire, not a zoom call.

Hence, we travel to different parts of the country that we would like to learn from - be it from a community, an organisation, an initiative, a person, or even a biological ecosystem! In exchange, we offer our group’s skillsets (which vary every time) to the people we are visiting, and do our best to deepen our interaction and relationship with each other.

Does this pursuit speak to you? 
Email us at and tell us if you'd like to join for a yatra,
recommend a person/site, or help facilitate!
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