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What is religion? What is currency? What is a border?!

All of these (and many more) are powerful stories that have been reinforced over centuries, but it’s important to remember that that’s all they are - stories.

They’re manmade, and exist today because someone told the story well enough for it to be believed and passed on to the next generation as a fact. 

However, in that realization also comes the realization of the undeniable power of stories.

While we build a New Story, we’re not so radical as to say that we can't extract learnings, or even meaning, from our old story.

If most of our “facts” today come from storybooks - maybe there’s merit in exploring New Books! Ones that connect people, and lend power to each other.

And so, through publications, we hope to share our lens, sure, but more importantly, find kindred spirits.

Does this pursuit bring you alive? 
Email us at and tell us if you'd like to write/draw with us!
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