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Local Pondy Food System

We are what we eat. Food impacts all aspects of our life, from health to identify, and from water to climate. Citizens have forgotten their connection to agriculture and gastronomy leading to irrational choices and ecological crises.

The Local Pondy Food System is a multi-stakeholder platform for everyone eating, growing and working with food in and around Puducherry.

For 3 years in a row, the French Institute of Puducherry has hosted a food festival bringing academics, cooks and activists together. This year (2021) was special, because Covid19 led to more citizens getting involved in gardening and asking questions about food, and the festival hence included a cycle tour for the general public, a 2 day seminar in collaboration with scholars from India and France, and a series of farmers markets were tried and tested.

Plans are currently afoot for a more regular event to physically bridge the gap between growers and consumers.

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