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Inner Climate Academy

At this time of climate and ecological emergency and unprecedented crises of multiple dimensions in global human systems, Inner Climate Academy (ICA) provides spaces for inner reflection & inquiry, collaborative research & dialogue, and facilitated explorations that lead to personal and societal transformation of our relationship with the living Earth. 

Its vision is to bring forth an Earth honouring, life-affirming human presence on this planet which will enable us to adapt and build regenerative cultures for the future beings of all species.


ICA’s work currently explores 3 thematic areas: 

  • Eco-centric worldview, 

  • Women’s Earth Stewardship, and 

  • Gender-Just Ecological Leadership


In addition, through its courses, workshops, and collaborative research platform, ICA nurtures and enables an inner state of being that is at once, a reflection of one’s love for the world, and one’s sense of deep responsibility for its conservation and restoration.

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