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We all know air-travel is not sustainable. But if we travel overland, why rush through the countries on the way? Can travelling not be a force for good?


The Green Silk Road is an alternative to air travel that enables people to move between India and Europe (9000 km) while supporting and connecting socio-ecological projects along the way. The model we’re testing includes bartering skills for accommodation, as well as creating collective art pieces to be shared in cultural hotspots. We also want to explore working with shepherding communities and finding ways to feed livestock while growing trees.


The first trip happened in 2018 with 2 travellers and took 5 weeks in both directions, crossing 14 countries. In 2019, we took 12 members across India. COVID thwarted 2020 and 2021’s travel plans but we hope to re-launch in 2022! 

Email us at and tell us if you'd like to be a traveller, a host or help facilitate the project itself!

You can help fund it!
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